Types Of Kitchen Sink | Materials Used For Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink was a great invention, it was first discovered 200 years ago, but now it has become an indispensable component of our kitchen. A kitchen without a good sink is incomplete. Most people are unaware of the types of kitchen sink available to them. It is the reason why they go with simple kitchen sink but reading this article will grant you the knowledge of all the types of kitchen sinks that you can buy and you would be able to answer the question, “What sink material is best for your kitchen?”

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling and you cannot decide which kitchen sink is best for you and what type of kitchen sink you should use for your kitchen then this article is for you. There are different types of kitchen sinks available in the market that may vary by size, features, functionality, prices, material, design, etc.

Best Material for Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks made up of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most popular and most widely used kitchen sinks in the world. It is inexpensive and very durable in the long run. You can get designer brands like Kohler and Blanco under $300. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks are easy to install in any preferable position like “under mount”, “top mount”, etc.

Stainless Steel sinks are louder, but most of the pans come with a coating or padding that significantly reduces the noise.

If you want to go with Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, then make sure to go with low gangue stainless steel. Lower the Gangue better is the quality of the sink. Lower gangue makes the pan heavier which enhances the durability of the sink.

Stainless Steel if overall very durable but it may scratch more efficiently than other materials. It also shows water spots more clearly. It will be challenging to keep them clean all the time, but they are good with heat and stain resistance.

Composite Sink

Most of the composite sinks are made up of granite or quartz composite. They are usually made by crushing granite or quartz with a resin filler. This mixture of granite and resin helps to maintain the overall durability of the sink.

These sinks are very tough, and unlike stainless steel sinks, they are very resistive towards scratches and strains. Granite is a better option than quartz. Most brands claim that Granite Composites are most durable and long lasting sinks.

Cast Iron Sinks

Cast Iron Sinks is another prevalent type of kitchen sink. In fact, it is the oldest type of kitchen sink. It is bright and glossy. Its enamel finish makes the kitchen look more appealing, and it is quite durable. Cast Iron Sinks can last decades.

Cast Iron Sinks are fabricated by casting iron. As we all know that metal is very prone to rust, therefore, it is given an enamel finish to avoid rusting of iron. This finish makes it very tough and resistant towards scratches and strains. The Enamel finish may look like a paint, but we should be aware of the fact that it is not painted.

Fireclay Sinks

To manufacture Fireclay Sinks, manufacturers mold ceramic clay and give it a shape of a sink and then they allow it to dry at very high temperature for more than 40 hours. Once the clay dries, they apply porcelain enamel, and the sink has to be in tunnel kiln at a very high temperature (more than 2000 F) for around 20 hours.

After this process, the fireclay becomes very strong, but it is not indestructible and sometimes the enamel chips by the impact of a drop of pot or some vessel.

There is always a risk of cracking in Fireclay Sinks, but it can be easily minimized if correctly installed and if we use it with proper care.

Fireclay Sinks will cost you around $400-$500, while more extensive models can cost $750 and above.

Copper Sinks

If you want your kitchen to be different from others then you can consider buying a sink made up of copper. They are rust resistant and antimicrobial. They are a great choice for kitchens. If you are going to buy a copper sink then be sure to buy a sink made up of high-quality copper or 99% copper. A small amount of zinc may be present to maintain the strength of the sink. Copper sinks are easy to clean and may cost between $500 to $1200.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Single Bowl

A single bowl kitchen sinks consist of a single basin. Many people think that having more than one basin is better, but it might not be the case with you.

If you have a small kitchen or if you need a compact sink then this type of kitchen sink is best for you. In most of the cases, a significant sized single sink is better than two small sized pans. Let’s say; you have to wash a large vessel. You cannot wash it in two small sized sinks. To complete this job, you need a large sized single sink. Cleaning also becomes easier if you have just one sink to clean. Single bowl sinks are usually cheaper than dual or triple bowl sinks.

Double Bowl

You would find double bowl kitchen sinks in the majority of the kitchens. There are a large variety of configurations available for double bowl sinks like bowls of same sizes, bowls of different sizes, etc. You will have to make your choice around to specification of your kitchen and what you need. You should take your time before buying.

Top Mount Sinks

The top mount kitchen sinks are also known as drop-in sinks. They are comparatively easy to install and inexpensive. All you need to have is a hole where you can fit the sink in your countertop. However, you might not get the modern look and feel that you can get from under-mount sinks.

Undermount Sinks

As the title implies, these sinks are mounted under the counter. There is no need for rim or lip. These types of kitchen sink not only provides modern, elegant and sleek look but they are very easy to clean and maintain.

However, these sinks are costlier than top mount sinks. Cost is in fact, one of the most significant drawbacks of undermount sinks. They also require comparatively more work to install because they are glued to the mount.


If you want a traditional type of kitchen sink or a country-style design, then farmhouse kitchen sinks are the one that you need.

Farmhouse sinks are available in single as well as a double basin. They require little more work than other basins to install, but they are worth it. These are not very expensive but easy to clean and maintain.

Final Verdict

Now that you are aware of all the different types of kitchen sinks available in the market. You can easily choose which is best for your kitchen. Many people ignore the fact that kitchen sinks are the essential element of kitchens and go with any sink available and later complain about style. You do not have to do it that you.

Now you can quickly decide which type of kitchen sink is best for you and your kitchen. You can also check these kitchen sink reviews before you decide to buy one for you. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any further query, you can comment down below.

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